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E4 tools and Spies for Eclipse Mars

E4 Tools and Spies for Eclipse Mars

E4 tools is a set ot tools to help in developping application using Eclipse 4. They are not absolutely necessary to create a new E4 pure project because it is now possible for creating a new Eclipse 4 project using the ‘new plugin project’ wizard, and then by choosing ‘Rich Client Application’ and the ‘Eclipse 4 RCP Application’ template :

E4 Plugin Project

But installing E4 tools spies makes the E4 development easier and helps to understand the new E4 concepts.

In Eclipse Mars version, E4 tools is composed of the following spies : model, context, event, css, preference, bundle. They can be opened using the shortcuts Alt Shift F5 to Alt Shift F10

The E4 tools Eclipse update site is today out of date but it should be fixed in a few time (see bug 471308).

If you need the latest E4 tools version, I built it locally and pusblished the zipped update site here :

If you prefer to build it locally, it is very easy to do using the following 3 commands :

git clone
mvn clean install

You will get the zip file in the following directory :

Feel free to ask me any questions if you can not install them.

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