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OPCoach develops and contributes to the Eclipse eco system by providing code as a committer or by creating projects based on Eclipse.

These projects are hosted on github. They are all open sourced and delivered under the EPL license .

You can use these projects as you want or contribute with pull requests on github.

Feel free to contact me if you need more information about these projects.


Repository Description
genModel Addon   

Update site 2.6.0

The EMF generated code implies to use the ‘@generated NOT’ annotation to override it. This is an acceptable way for prototypes but for an industrial project the generated code will be mixed with the developer one. This project provides a generation command which separate clearly the generated and the developed code.


Find here all the code of the courses
E4 Tester  


This project provides several ideas to easily test your E4 Pojos classes

This project will gather different tools to help to migrate from Eclipse 3 to Eclipse 4. It provides a specific view to display all the extensions points used in the selected projects and to enhance the deprecated extensions or elements. It can be used to have an idea of the migration effort.
E4 preferences 


Eclipse 4 does not provide a native preference page management yet. To create preference pages it is necessary to use the eclipse 3 extension point (org.eclipse.ui). This project redefines this extension point so as to be independant of Eclipse 3. Preference pages are managed by Face code. This project is a temporary answer but should be compliant partially with the final solution.
Data Generator   

This project is used to generate data samples for different types.
Conferences OPCoach talks to the Eclipse conferences and sometime these talks has to be illustrated with code. This repository is organized by conference (ECF, ECE, ENCA…).
genDoc Integration Gendoc is a project to generate documentation from a model. But it is necessary to write code to use it. The goal of the gendoc Integration project is to provide an extension point that binds a generation command on a document template to a specific type of selected object. For instance on a ‘Person’ type object we can associate a ‘training certificate’ template document. The extension point will then automatically add the Eclipse RCP command in the contextual menu when this object is selected.
context explorer Now delivered in Eclipse (Cf git), this repository is the source of the context spy now delivered in the E4 tools. This repository is no more active.
e4 model merger This project tries to implement an idea proposed during a BOF about Eclipse 4 in Boston. The principle would be to weave application model together and to have independant models that can be used alone. This project provides a way to merge the basic components (commands, handlers, …), but it is blocked on the merge of UI components.. Any idea is welcome :)