GIT advanced

GIT training description

  • This GIT training (provided in Europe) will teach you how to use GIT as a professional
  • You will learn how to use GIT with command line or embedded in Eclipse
  • You will learn how to use gerrit for code reviews

Course Objectives

  • Install and configure GIT
  • Master the main commands
  • Using the remote repositories
  • Using GitLab, GitHub, eGit, Gerrit
  • Managing projects with GIT

Target Audience

  • Developers
  • Project managers
  • Software Architects


  • None

GIT course plan Download the course plan


2  days

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OPCoach currently organizes this course on demand, at your company’s offices and over 2 days.

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OPCoach's strengths

  • Eclipse Expert since 2004, I offer you a complete training program, using the latest versions and putting emphasis on numerous practical exercises
  • By attending every international Eclipse conference (Germany, USA), I am able to teach you a pragmatic and practical approach on these technologies
  • OPCoach is also member of the Eclipse foundation as a  Solution Member and committer on several projects : E4 toolseclipse.platform and eclipse.pde, fully managed using GIT.
  • Since 2009, OPCoach has trained hundreds of professionals (See testimonials in French or in English) working with a large number of clients

GIT course plan

Source Code Management

  • Introduction to SCM
  • The different systems : local, centralized, distributed
  • Examples and use cases

GIT Introduction

  • GIT History
  • GIT Advantages
  • Basic principles : commit, staging, …

GIT Installation

  • System Install
  • Configuration parameters (user, ignore, …)
  • Push and pull configurations

Basic commands

  • Creating a first repository
  • Adding or removing files
  • Moving and deleting files
  • Commit, checkout, reset
  • Displaying commit history and moving inside.

Branch management

  • Introduction to branches and HEAD Definition
  • Branch creation
  • Branch navigation
  • Branch merge and rebase

Remote repositories

  • Remote configuration
  • Access protocols (ssh, https, git)
  • Push, pull and fetch
  • Remote branches management

Advanced commands

  • Tag management
  • Cherry pick
  • Commits diff
  • Stash commit
  • Reorganizing commits with interactive rebase
  • Importing a svn repository with its history
  • Sub modules
  • Hook management
  • GIT objects and optimizations
  • Advanced uses cases

GIT clients

  • SourceTree
  • eGit in Eclipse : views (staging, history), commands
  • GitKraken
  • TortoiseGIT
  • Use these tools to browse the exercises

GIT environments

  • GitHub / GitLab : introduction, pull and merge requests
  • Pushing the exercises on these environments
  • Continuous Integration with GitHub and GitLab

GIT best practices on a Project

  • GitFlow : a branch model
  • Code reviews using Gerrit, GitLab or GitHub
  • Best practices to use GIT on your project


  • A lot of different exercises from the simplest to the hardest. All of them are done using command line.

Plan de formation GIT Download GIT course plan