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Hackathon prerequisites

Here is the contents of the mail sent to hackathon attendees :


You are registered to attend the Eclipse Con France Hackathon.

To prepare the talk you need to bring you own laptop and check the following prerequisites :

Administration :

There are some registration that should be done to fix bugs :

  • you should have an account on  -> on the top of the page
  • be sure to have signed the CLA. To sign it go on this page : and click on CLA on the top of the page
  • that would be fine to have a public ssh key installed on your computer (search for ‘generated public keys’  on google).

Software :

We need 2 software to fix the bugs : eclipse and optionally git  :

  • if you want to use git in a shell, you can install a recent git version, but it is only a nice to have


Bugs :

You should select some bugs you would like to fix. There are several ways to find bugs :

Note that we are not experts in every single Eclipse technology, but will do our best to help you !

Code :

To avoid bottlenecks with the WIFI, it would be great to clone the projects on which you want to fix bugs. You can have the list of projects on this page : , and download it using a git clone command as described in the page of the project.

Of course you will not download all the Eclipse code, but it would be cool if you can download at least these ones, using these commands if you have a git install :

  • git clone
  • git clone

For egit specific bugs :

  • git clone
  • git clone

Or by pasting the git repository URL in the git repository view directly in Eclipse.

Eclipse Installation :

Try your Eclipse mars on your laptop, and prepare a workspace. You can also add the local git repositories you have downloaded (git perspective, git repository view).

To avoid compilation errors with some projects (like egit) you should also install the ‘Execution Environment’ feature. Check this page to have information :

With all this preparation tasks, we should be operational to start the hackathon and to avoid potential WIFI problems.

See you on Wednesday.
Olivier, Wayne and Mikael.


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