Eclipse Jobs

Through our Eclipse jobs service, OPCoach does not currently seek to hire directly but is offering here a space for companies and applicants to meet to cover job needs that require Eclipse skills.

As the importance of Eclipse technologies keeps growing and growing, identifying quickly a candidate that can cover your needs in this field can turn into a difficult task.

Thanks to its experience, deep knowledge of the market and proven methods, OPCoach is best positioned to respond to your needs and to provide you with access to the best Eclipse RCP candidates in France and abroad.

We guarantee the best quality in our work, within the deadlines and terms defined together with you before any candidate search process is started through our Eclipse jobs service.


Eclipse Project Manager, RCP Developer, Eclipse Expert, Modeling Engineer, Build Manager… Eclipse technologies bring about new job opportunities every day, are more and more used and have become key competencies that are strongly sought by many companies.

    • If you are professional looking for an Eclipse job or assignment, please send us an email with your CV