Advanced Eclipse RCP Course

Advanced Eclipse RCP Course Description

  • This Advanced Eclipse RCP Course allows you to deepen the concepts studied in the standard RCP course
  • It will teach you how to completely master your software factory using maven tycho
  • This course is entirely customized to your specific needs

Course Objectives

  • Reviewing the Eclipse RCP concepts
  • Architecture best practices
  • Mastering build headless
  • Managing the application tests

Target Audience

  • RCP developers
  • Project managers
  • Software architects


  • Knowledge of Eclipse RCP

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1 to 3 days according to your needs

Advanced Eclipse RCP Course Upcoming courses

Since this course is customized and every client need may be specific, OPCoach organizes it on-demand and at your company’s offices.

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OPCoach's strengths

  • Eclipse Expert since 2004, I offer you a complete training program, using the latest versions and putting emphasis on numerous practical exercises
  • By attending every international Eclipse conference (Germany, USA), I am able to teach you a pragmatic and practical approach on these technologies
  • OPCoach is also a Solution Member of the Eclipse Foundation and committer on E4 tools and on platform.ui
  • Since 2009, OPCoach has trained hundreds of professionals (See testimonials in French or in English) working with a large number of clients

Advanced Eclipse RCP Course plan (example)

Advanced Architecture

  • Refresher lessons on OSGi
  • Plugins vs OSGi bundles
  • Architecture best practices
  • Integration of third-party libraries
  • Native libraries management
  • Plugin fragments
  • Organization of the workspace
  • Version management
  • Eclipse e4 architecture


  • Management of the authentication
  • Role of the advisors
  • OSGi UserAdmin bundle
  • Plugins Interaction and authentication (Rights management)
  • Plugging into an authentication mechanism
  • Suggestions for the architecture

Advanced RCP concepts

  • Jobs and UIJobs
  • Data binding
  • Adapters and adapter Factories
  • Drag and Drop, Clipboard management
  • Commands/ Actions / Operations
  • Advanced viewers: managing big data

Manual Build

  • Manual build using wizards
  • RCP Delta Pack
  • Update site delivery
  • Products delivery
  • Limitations of the manual Build

Build Headless

  • The different build tools
  • Presentation of Buckminster, Maven Tycho

Maven Tycho

  • Presentation of the project
  • The different pom files (Parent, plugin, feature)
  • Implementation on a project


  • Presentation of the project
  • Jenkins configuration (Parameters and plugins)
  • Integration of build maven into Jenkins

Tests with Eclipse

  • Test strategies
  • Test tools: swtbot, junit
  • Architecture for the tests
  • Tests Integration into the tycho and Jenkins delivery

icon-pdf-48 Download the course plan