Eclipse Development

Eclipse RCP, Eclipse 4, Eclipse Modeling, Xtext are software components for which it is necessary to have good skills to use properly.

The OPCoach courses and consulting can help you to manage it. But of course you need probably to have development resources.

OPCoach signed contracts with the best Eclipse specialists in the market and offers its customers to help them manage their project together.

All the OPCoach’s developers are qualified on Eclipse technologies and have been involved in major projects during several years. They are indeed immediately operational and they will offer you a service of very high quality.

If you need some help for your Eclipse developments (Java, plugins RCP, development tooling, architecture, …) feel free to contact us to find any win-win collaboration.

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On the other hand, if you are a very Eclipse skilled developper and if you have landed on this page, you can propose to collaborate with OPCoach.

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