Eclipse 3 to Eclipse 4 Migration course

Eclipse 3 to Eclipse 4 Migration Course Description

  • This complementary course will enable you to master the migration of an Eclipse 3 development to an Eclipse 4 one
  • It encompasses the right methods and steps you will need to apply in order to implement such migration

Course Objectives

  • Understanding the 4.X architecture
  • Migrating a 3.X to 4.X application
  • Best practices for development

Target Audience

  • Developers
  • Projet managers
  • Software architects


    • Eclipse RCP 3.X

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2 days

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Eclipse 3 to Eclipse 4 Migration Course Plan

Eclipse 4 architecture

  • Eclipse 4 (EAP) architecture overview
  • Comparing with Eclipse 3.X

Application model

  • Application model contents
  • Editor for application model
  • UI structure definition
  • Best practices to design your model

Injection and annotations

  • Injection mechanism overview
  • Specific annotations for injection
  • Computed annotations (preference, event)
  • Dynamic instanciation

Injection contexts

  • Context hierarchy
  • Updating contexts
  • Using the context spy to display contexts

Behavior annotations

  • View and editors annotations
  • Command handlers annotations
  • Preferences annotations


  • Goal of addons
  • Using addons for initialization and migration
  • Context update in Addon


  • Preferences management
  • Properties and wizards

Fragments and processors

  • Defining model fragment for your application
  • Defining processors
  • Designing your Eclipse application to manage fragments

E4 services

  • Model component management
  • Part and selection services
  • EventBroker to manage events
  • Adapters and loggers
  • Other Services

Look and Feel, CSS

  • Modifying code to manage CSS
  • Writing the CSS, syntax and editor
  • Binding the CSS in the application
  • Changing the CSS during the runtime

Compatibility layer

  • Goal of compatibility layer
  • Using the compatibility layer in an application
  • Migrating smoothly to a pure 4.X application
  • Adding 4.X components using fragments

Eclipse 4.X Application

  • Building a pure 4.X application
  • Target platform E4
  • Development and design rules
  • Migrating an application with or without UI


  • This training contains migration exercises from Eclipse 3.X to 4.X application with a compatibility layer, and then to a pure 4.X application.
    All exercises are realized using the latest Eclipse version (Photon 4.8)

icon-pdf-48 Download the course plan