Direct Eclipse consulting

You encounter some problem during your Eclipse development. You are blocked on a very specific problem. You would like to be helped to code.

OPCoach can provide you a good solution to help you.

If you can use directly Skype, just schedule a call and your Eclipse expert will be available just for you.

Consulting is billed by the hour at the end of the month.


Consulting field

A lot of different consulting can be provided. Here are some examples :

  • architecture analysis
  • code analysis
  • automatic build using tyco
  • help to migrate to Eclipse 4 architecture
  • personal course (with course material)
  • help to develop
  • etc…

Eclipse Consulting prices

The price for consulting is 160 € per hour (ex VAT), and the minimal unit count is 15 minutes.

It is also possible to order a global consulting mission for a longer period.

Payment can be done by regular bill or by paypal. Anyway a detailed invoice will be provided.

How to ask for a demand ?

Fill the form below. Describe precisely your problem and what you would like to solve. I will do my best to answer you as soon as possible.

Ask for a consulting