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OPCoach Technical – Eclipse

OPCoach was founded in 2009 by Olivier Prouvost, after many years’ experience in the world of open source software.

OPCoach’s mission is to offer solutions based on open source software, while using, internally for its own management and production, a maximum of other open source software (scenari-platform, dolibarr, libre office, …).

From the outset, OPCoach’s aim has been to work with major groups (Thales, Airbus, etc.) internationally (Tunisia, India, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Spain, New Caledonia, etc.), with services delivered in both French and English.

OPCoach is rapidly establishing itself as the company offering expertise and customized training on Eclipse RCP, the stable, durable and robust architecture for building any stand-alone Java application, running without adaptation on all systems (Linux, Mac, Windows). The RCP architecture can also be adapted to run as a WEB application using one of its variants (RAP: Remote Application Platform), without any changes to the RCP code.

Today, OPCoach is still the key player in this fundamental technology, and offers a range of constantly updated training courses on the subject:

  • Eclipse RCP 4: if you want to develop your applications on Eclipse’s powerful, portable and future-proof reference architecture.
  • Eclipse RCP 3: if you’re still based on this older version and don’t want to migrate to version 4.
  • Eclipse 3 to Eclipse 4 migration: if you want to migrate from the old version to the new one.
  • Eclipse Modeling: all the modeling tools offered by Eclipse to enhance your development productivity.

OPCoach has trained hundreds of trainees, some of whom you can read about here.

OPCoach also offers advanced technical expertise on Eclipse to help you update your projects, migrate them into a devops chain, or re-architect them. You’ll also find a wealth of testimonials on this page.

At the same time, OPCoach contributes to the Eclipse eco-system by being a committer on various projects (pde, platform), a member of the Eclipse Foundation and by taking part in international conferences on the subject.

OPCoach Technical – GIT

In 2018, OPCoach opened a new training course on GIT, which is the source code management tool that has dethroned all its competitors. Eclipse code is entirely managed with GIT Open source, GIT is used today by millions of developers worldwide.

GIT has also contributed to the creation of a huge eco-system, including GitHub and GitLab (two main sites for managing GIT repositories and projects).

The GIT training offered by OPCoach has been followed by hundreds of developers who have left their comments on this page.

OPCoach also helps companies who have not yet switched to GIT to migrate their legacy systems to GitHub or GitLab.

OPCoach Technical – Qualiopi

In 2020, OPCoach was among the first companies to be fully Qualiopi certified, having obtained ICPF & PSI professional technical certification in 2018. This quality label opened up new markets and access to CPF funding (a French personal funding) following an open partnership with Isograd, manager of TOSA certification.

Qualiopi certification enabled us to bring together a team of subcontracted technical trainers who did not have this complex certification to obtain, and to manage this team successfully.

This way of working enabled us, in 2023, to open a language department with the help of Chrystèle LAGARDE, an expert in the field for almost 30 years, bringing together another team of language trainers and opening up partnerships with the main language certifiers on the market.